The System, Core Ideas, Meeting Format, Promises & Habits.

Again, we're brand new. Look for updates of these!

Here's what we've got so far. We're definitely open to suggestions

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At the bottom of the page is a high resolution PDF you may download, as well as suggested books to read at meetings.

Life Lovers Meeting Format Cover
Life Lovers 12 Steps
Life Lovers 12 Traditions
LIfe Lovers Opening Reading
Life Lovers Closing Reading
Life Lovers Promises

Sample Literature read at Hangout Meetings of Life Lovers

Here's a selection of books we enjoy reading at meetings and in our daily life.

We've added links to find them at Amazon.

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The Language of Letting Go

The Power of Now

The Miracle of Mindfulness

Drop the Rock

You Can't Make Me Angry

Attitudes of Gratitude

Attitudes of Gratitude in Love

Until Today

The Four Agreements