West Maui: Every Thursday Night 6:30pm

(Private Home in Kahana, West Maui - click HERE to request details)

How to Start a Hangout Group Meeting:

Although anyone can start a meeting, we've found it's best to have someone there who's gone through the system, loves their life, and is willing to share their experience.

First Step in Starting A Life Lover Meeting:

The first step is to contact us HERE.

We'll let you know how we're doing it, and try to even include you, via Facetime or Skype, into one of our meetings so you can see how we run our meeting. However, we don't have a fixed way the meetings have to go, you're free to run it as you wish. 

Our only request is that you follow and use both the Life Lover System and Core Ideas as guidelines - that way we get your meeting on this website and let others know about it. We've found that by following a consistent format, we can keep meetings comfortable for everyone, and we all know what to expect when attending a Life Lover meeting anywhere.


Remember: Having a life lover meeting is one of the best ways to love life more, and carry the life loving vibration all over the world. For those who go for it, you have our thanks.

What is the requirement to join Life Lovers?

The only requirement is a desire to love life. That's it!

What literature is available?

At this point we've put together the following literature:

The Life Lover System

The Life Lover Core Ideas

Life Lover Habits (Things many of us do to love our lives)

The Life Lover Meeting Format (Long form)

We're working on more stuff, like a Short Form Life Lover Meeting Format!

Also, at Life Lovers meetings each person who wants to participates will read a phrase, sentence, paragraph, or page from a book that's inspires them to be more grateful, create emotional abundance, or help them connect spiritually, though not religiously. Because we don't want to debate anyone's beliefs, books containing specific religious references are not part of the books we read from at Life Lovers meetings listed in the directory on this website. Click HERE for some book suggestions.

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